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Swings at Ocean City New Jersey

THE LOCATION: Playland's Castaway Cove, Ocean City, N.J.

GPS: 39°16'27.1817" N 74°34'31.1168" W

THE EQUIPMENT: Canon EOS 6D | Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8L II USM

THE STORY: She's hand-painted, twirling riders 27 feet over the Jersey Shore crowds. Just a beauty.

An undeniable attraction for any camera lens.

There are so many different ways to photograph these swings, but right here at 24mm you get the joy and the color of a mid-Spring day.

I don't go to OCNJ as much any more. That can happen when life changes and you move on, whether by choice or because you have to.

It causes me a moment or two of sweet melancholy, reflecting back on all that the famed beach town meant to me, the memories it stirs.

Once on the boardwalk, a summer storm rolled in and stayed, right at dinner time as we munched on crab cakes, horse radish sauce, and potato chips. We were blocks from our hotel. What else to do but run with my sons - one in a stroller, the other keeping strides with me - through the rain, the wheels of the stroller rattling on the boards, us singing and laughing and getting soaked and having the time of our lives?

Life sure feels like that now. The rain, the need to run, to lead my children and show them that in spite of a storm, you can still laugh and enjoy yourself.

Never lose your sense of humor. Even if life twirls you around on a seat chained to a mechanism swinging at 11 terrifying RPMs, hold on and smile and enjoy the view.

Dave is a seasoned writer and photographer. He lives in Lancaster, Pa., with his three sons.


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