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Smoke and morning light in Olympic National Park

Morning sunlight streams through a smoky haze and lakeshore woods in Olympic National Park.

THE LOCATION: Shore of Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park, Wash.

GPS: 48°3'10.5719" N 123°52'13.1712" W

EQUIPMENT: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV | EF 24-70mm f/2.8L

THE STORY: My itinerary required an exit from Olympic National Park, a jewel on the lobe of Washington state's right ear, and a return to civilization.

It was October. It felt like August with the heat and the haze, the latter the unfortunate consequence of some careless person in the Bolt Creek area east of Seattle and hundreds of miles from where I drove.

And yet, out of a terrible occurrence there can be natural beauty.

Driving eastbound on Route 101 as it hugged the southern shore of Lake Crescent, the morning sun peaked over the ridgeline and bathed the scene in its glorious, eye-squinting light.

I might's squealed my tired and bounced the rental a little too hard while braking into a turnoff.

That's why the camera should remain in the passenger seat.

Dave Pidgeon is a seasoned photographer and writer. He lives in Lancaster, Pa. with his three sons and thinks it might be wise to buckle his camera into the passenger seat so it doesn't bounce off the dashboard when braking.

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