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Silhouettes on Driftwood Beach

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Morning sun silhouetting a piece of driftwood on the beach.
Morning sun shines down on Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, Ga.

LOCATION: Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, Ga.

THE EQUIPMENT: iPhone 12 Pro Max

THE STORY: It's mysterious. That word keeps echoing in my mind when I consider Driftwood Beach.

A short walk from the parking area along Beach View Drive on Georgia's Jekyll Island brings you out to a strange beach scape, a flatten stretch of sand populated by weather-worn, smooth, lifeless driftwood.

I'm talking full trees, many of which remain standing.

Sentinels watchful of the blue Peach State skies. Touched by the flirtations of ocean tides and the titillations of the breezes.

It's a playground for young children like ours, scrambling over branches and logs.

During a Springtime visit to Jekyll Island, my family and I made a few trips to Driftwood Beach. It just simply charmed us that much.

One time it was just me and our young sons, so I left the Canon camera equipment at home and relied on the iPhone 12 Pro Max in my pocket should inspiration strike.

The phone, while not my preferred image making device, could still capture the beauty and mystery of the place, even in bright mid-morning sun.

The driftwood silhouettes placed against a low horizon and clear sky, and a sun streaming down made for a perfect black-and-white look.

Dave Pidgeon is a seasoned writer and photographer from Lancaster, Pa. You can reach him at

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