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If you are a writer, then you already have what it takes to create stunning images and video.

And I want to go on this journey with you.

My name is Dave Pidgeon. After two decades of storytelling experience, from journalism to high-level corporate public relations to professional photographer, I can say with confidence that words and images have so many parallels as storytelling mediums.

And yet, many writers struggle with image making. I know. I was one.

Photography really isn't all that different than writing a story. If you can think through protagonists, tension, setting, and how to draw a reader's attention, then guess what! 

You already have the skills to improve your photography.

Here at Photography for Writers, I'm going to share insights, how-tos, and take you on a photo life journey so you can improve your skills and apply them to your all-important author platform.

We're in a day and age when we need every edge we can get to attract our ideal reader's attention. And it's my mission through Photography for Writers I can help get you that edge.

What's more is I'm happy to offer a highly personalized, one-on-one image review. I'll draw you your own roadmap based on your portfolio toward creating eye-popping, OMG-look-at-this images for your author platform.

Let's get started. You can find the blog here or contact me this way.

Dave Pidgeon is a professional writer and photographer from Lancaster, Pa. His images have appeared in Popular Photography's book How to Photograph Everything and the covers of regional magazines. He owns Creative Sports Photography, a super niche portrait business for local youth athletes.

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